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there are two ways to do that one you need to open your computer casing and find bios jumper(3 pins among which two of them are capped with a jumper pin) then change the bios jumper jumper position (for eg if it is in pin no 1 and 2 the shift if to 2 and three) then turn on the computer most of the time you are prompted for password reset or else you will see bios screen where you are prompted for the password reset then save the settings and exit f10 and enter

and the easier way is to restart your pc and as the screen goes blank and before it turns on back press f5 (or any assigned key for selection menu) - then select safe-mode with command prompt - after it turns on and and you see command screen type

net user (press enter) (you will be shown the name of your account just besides administrator or the list of other users) now type net user username * (for example my user name is sarwogya then type net user sarwogya * )then computer will ask you for new password just type in your new password and enter and retype password then enter

restart the pc

and tada you are done

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