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1. Install security program to make sure your computer is free from malicious files. It is well known that virus, adware and malware can sneak into computer system and slow down its speed without user's awareness. In order to speed up Windows Vista, you should use a professional anti-virus program to provide comprehensive guard for your operating system.

2. Disable the visual effects by using the Adjust Visual Effects option of Performance Information and Tools in Control Panel. This altering of the visual settings will help you speed up Windows Vista in minutes.

3. Turn off the Indexing Services. The Windows Vista automatically indexing files service affect the system performance to some extent. You can go to the Control panel and select the Add/Remove Window components in Add/Remove programs. Then uncheck "Indexing services" to disable Indexing Service thus make your PC run faster.

4. Get the corrupted windows registry repaired could speed up Windows Vista performance instantly. But it is not recommended that you go it manually as it is a risk task. For safety's sake in fixing the registry errors, you'd better use a comprehensive registry cleaner that erases the damaged registry with professional functions.

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