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The first step to learn computer programming is to learn programming logic. You don't need to specify on a programming language too soon; you just need to study how the programs work. This is usually best practised by studying algorithms. That is, you need to write your own simple algorithms to a given, simple problem and figure out how other algorithms work.

Once you are familiar with basic logic structures and the flow a program, start with a language of your choice. I would recommend the traditional C language, it's a good starting point which can take you in many different ways.

There is plenty of literature out there either on algorithms and program logic or language oriented books. Try to find some reliable reviews and judge which best suits you.

Just remember, the only way the learn programming is to program, so jump out of theory as often as you can. Once you get started, programming is just like everything out there, including maths, sports, or any other academic field: practice leads to perfection.

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